Recruiting the Startup Format Panel

As promised in the last Startup update, we are looking for members for a Startup Format Panel. 

The Startup Format Panel is an idea for how to discuss any changes to the Startup format going forward. Since it is a format largely targeted at new players, we thought that the best approach to discussing what changes could be implemented is to have a panel of discussion amongst the people who are most invested in Startup at the time of the meeting helping to make decisions on the format. This involves people who stick around from panel to panel, but also people who may only be around for one panel.

The panel will be a meeting that lasts about 2 hours, in which the current balance and play feel of the Startup format is discussed and any changes to the format are put forward. By the end of the meeting, we aim to have a feel for what the current community perception of the Startup format is and to reach an agreement on what should be done to help improve the format.

We’re looking for a couple of permanent members to not just attend the panel but to help when the Startup Curator may be absent or otherwise wishes to have people to consult with outside of any given meeting.

Startup Format Panel Member

As a Startup Format Panel member, your main responsibility is to attend the Startup Format Panel. We’ll be scheduling this around the availability of all our members, so you will also be expected to fill out polls and dates to determine that. You will be expected to have opinions about and experience with the Startup Format, and you will be expected to express and discuss those in a polite and orderly manner.

In addition, if you wish to apply as a permanent member, your responsibility will be to be available for the Startup Curator to be able to call on for consultation if required. You may also be asked to fill in at meetings should the Startup Curator be unavailable, though the main responsibility to promote the interests of Startup within the organisation as a whole still lies with the Startup Curator.


  • Helping schedule the Startup Format Panel
  • Attending the Startup Format Panel
  • As a permanent member, being available when the Startup Curator needs someone to confer with 


  • A willingness to communicate and discuss differing opinions in a polite fashion
  • A good amount of experience and/or knowledge of Startup
  • A desire to engage with Startup as a competitive format

To apply to be a member of the Startup Format Panel, whether as a temporary or permanent member, please fill out this form by Monday 13th November

Our current team acknowledges that the tabletop industry as a whole needs to do a better job with diversity. We are prioritizing those applicants that can bring to NSG different experiences and points of view than what we currently have on our team.


  • Scarlett "ORCH1D" Clark

    Scarlett is the Startup Curator for NSG. She's a smooth criminal and hardcore NBN shill, and you can find her nerding out about most Tabletop games under the sun.