Player Suspension: July 10, 2021

Fellow Runners, 

This message has been written with the full support of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team in collaboration with Europe’s Organised Play Coordinator.

This week, a member of our community has been banned from taking part in any NISEI-sanctioned events, and removed from several of our community social media groups.

William Smith-Parsons was reported repeatedly for abusive behaviour towards other players on It is an explicit term within the NISEI Code of Conduct and the Codes of Conduct of other Netrunner spaces such Stimhack Slack and Netrunner Dorks that the behaviour of community members in other spaces can and will be taken into account when considering whether they will be allowed to participate in official events and/or remain a member of those communities. Smith-Parsons has been removed from those communities for their behaviour, and we’re informing our community to be aware of this when choosing to interact with them in the future. 

Behaviour in online spaces is as impactful on others as behaviour in face-to-face interactions. Please be respectful and excellent in your interactions with your opponents online, just as you would be at an in-person meetup.

We as an organisation want to make it very clear that we will take action if it is proven that someone is causing a space to become unsafe. We encourage anyone that experiences abusive behaviour to report it to moderators, Tournament Organisers, or other community stewards, so we can together keep making Netrunner a safe space for everyone. 

Safe runs to all!


  • Spencer Dub

    Spencer is Null Signal's Community Manager. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife and cat, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game.