Organized Play Policies Updates (Version 1.2)

Hello Runners! The Organized Play team have been busy working on a new version of the Organized Play policies. Here are some of the key changes you’ll find inside:

Note taking is now allowed at all events.
We expect this will be a welcome change for many – particularly neurodivergent players. Only notes taken during the current game are allowed; notes made during previous matches or before the event are not permitted. Check out the full policy for more details. 

Tournament Organizers and other event staff are now allowed to participate in events they are running.
Another frequently requested change. Please read up on the full policy to make sure your events run as smoothly as possible!

Players are allowed to review their opponents’ decklists in the top cut.
This has always been the policy, but there was some confusion since it was omitted from the previous versions of the document.

If time is called during the first game of a match, the second game (which was never started) will be considered a draw.
Players will no longer be penalized for their first game taking longer than expected. Each player will receive 1 point for the game not yet started, as opposed to zero.

Other small changes:

  • Modifications to suggested number of rounds and cut size for smaller events.
  • Rewrote proxy policy for clarity; minor changes.
  • Fixed typos; edits for clarity.

Stay tuned for more updates from Organized Play, and a new MWL next week! See you all at Worlds… until then:

Always be running!