1st NISEI Online Tournament: Eternal

NISEI Organized Play

in association with The Metropole Grid and Trace Five


1st NISEI Online Tournament: Eternal

Date: 1 and 2 December 2018 – (Saturday and Sunday)
Location: https://jinteki.net


All current card errata apply

Eternal MWL:

Removed Cards:

Friends in High Places

Hired Help

Museum of History


Rumor Mill

Salvaged Vanadis Armory


Watch The World Burn

Streams: Twitch (MG) and YouTube (T5)

Swiss rounds begin 15:00 GMT

….and our nifty poster below for those who like to share or collect those things 😉

Fragment Clue: a fragment impacted here, before breaking into smaller pieces that sought out places similar to where it’s sister lays


  • Vesper

    Vesper wrote articles, conducted interviews, recorded streams, manipulated graphics, translated cards and rules, fought customs, sent out a ton of prize support around Europe, and did a few other things to keep the game you're reading about going and the community enjoying it happy. He hopes one day he can do something similarly fun - involving you!