Community Roundup: 8 July 2021

Welcome back to another Community Roundup, where we point out some of the coolest content and happenings taking place in the community!

  • A rare treat for us this week: Fite Nite is back! Fite Nite 2021 is an online team tournament between three of the most formidable competitive testing groups in the world. The first round is taking place between The Process and NWE this Friday, 9 July 2021, and will be streamed live on Vesper’s Twitch channel from 19:00 UTC onwards!
  • Fite Nite decklists are open and published in advance. Here’s YsengrinSC going over them and pointing out the most interesting choices each team has made. They also go over the basic format and rules of the event.
  • Speaking of Ysengrin, they are also organising another online Startup tournament in the Single-sided Swiss format on Saturday, starting at noon EDT! Registration details in the link.
  • The Process have just dropped a new episode, going over both the most recent Standard Ban List and their Fite Nite decklists! Essential listening in preparation for Friday’s stream!
  • More ban list talk (though not mentioning the most recent update) from The Slumscast, who interview NISEI Standard Balance Team member Ajar in their latest episode.
  • Another tactical guide from Elusive, published just too late to make our last roundup!
  • Métropole Grid round out their overview of every faction in System Gateway with a look at Weyland. Until Andrej comes up with a new ongoing series, you can still catch him streaming weekly on Thursdays at 20:45 EST.
  • Finally, NISEI Online Continentals have been announced, taking place over three weekends in August! Full details and ticket sales links in this article! You can also volunteer to be a judge on any of the tournaments, or to help stream or commentate them, by either filling out this form or emailing us!

And that’s a wrap! If you’ve got any tips about what should go into the next roundup, email us or let us know through our Facebook or Twitter!