Community Roundup 3 October 2022

With the 2022 Netrunner World Championship almost upon us, there’s a surge of Worlds-related content appearing, so hold on to your seats while we go through it!

  • Worlds is only days away, with some people already converging towards Toronto! For those for whom this is their first Worlds, M├ętropole Grid has some excellent advice on all aspects of the tournament experience, ranging from play advice during the tournament to how to get your cards through airport security! Though a few things are Toronto-specific, most of it is applicable to travelling for any big tournament so watch it even if you aren’t going!
  • For those who’d rather receive their advice on playing in Netrunner tournaments in writing rather than video form, this is a good opportunity to repost Whiteblade’s article on the subject from last year!
  • For more Whiteblade, The Shadow Net has just posted their pre-Worlds episode!
  • Perpetuating the endless cycle of podcast beef, The Slumscast have beaten them to the punch, releasing their Worlds predictions episode (with special guest BBlum no less!) last week!
  • With the written word being a medium in decline, it’s not often we get to welcome a new blogger to the fold, but Postis has inaugurated the Netrunner Rules Blog with an informative and entertaining post about the No Change In Game State rule, which is certain to keep me checking it for new posts regularly!
  • Back to the moving image again, with a new video by Lostgeek all about the agony and ecstasy of building and playing jank. Oguz Han has a long record of turning deck ideas dismissed as janky into meta-busting monstrosities, so if anyone knows the topic, he does!
  • Ysengrin is back with a video on one of my favourite ways to play the game: the Eternal format! With the format just having received an update to its points list, Jeff goes through every single card on the list, explains why it’s there, and gives examples of decks that abuse it! Watch it here!
  • If you’re hyped to try Eternal out after watching that, the Eternal League run by the Green Level Clearance Discord server starts again tomorrow, October 3rd, but is still accepting new entrants! Just join the server, navigate to the #eternal-league channel, and ask to join! Alternatively, if you’re going to be in Toronto, there will no doubt be multiple Eternal side events you can join while not playing in the Standard or Startup main events!
  • GLC’s Standard and Startup leagues, on the other hand, are on hiatus until after Worlds, so you have until October 10 to join the server and put your name forwards in the #standard-league or #startup-league channels respectively!
  • Finally, if you are a vTuber and want to play in a casual, beginner-friendly online tournament, Loxley, Satyr of Strategy is organising Identity: Digital, a Startup tournament for vTubers! Entries close in just a few hours, so head over to the tournament’s Cobra page to sign up!

Good luck to everyone going to Worlds, and we’ll see the rest of you in chat on our Twitch channel, where we’ll be streaming all three days of the action! There may even be waffles on the Sunday!