Community Roundup 17 December 2021

Have we really not published one of these since August? Time seems to both drag and zoom by lately! With the big wave of post-Worlds community content that’s been released in the past month, it feels like a good time to revive this series!

  • First things first, congratulations are in order to Orbital_Tangent and Neuropantser of The Slumscast for correctly predicting the winning decks of Worlds! And, I suppose, to Patrick “rotomappliance” Gower for the far less impressive achievement of actually winning Worlds. You can hear all three of them take their victory lap here.
  • If you want more of Patrick, he was also a guest on YsengrinSC‘s Youtube channel explaining how to play HB Foodcoats, the 2015 Worlds-winning deck. While the video is two months old, the deck’s many similarities with Rotom’s own Worlds-winning PD make it a neat prefiguration of his victory! This is the first video in a new series in which Ysengrin and guests go over classic archetypes from Netrunner’s past. The latest covers the much-loved PPvP Kate.
  • If you’re still hungry for Worlds content though, Ysengrin still has you covered with a detailed overview of their own Worlds run.
  • More Worlds coverage by The ShadowNet crew and guest Cook_ed, but also geography lessons and an exciting announcement that the Great Netrunner Bakeoff will return for another year!
  • Details on how to submit an entry to the Great Netrunner Bakeoff, as well as links to last year’s amazing entries, here.
  • Phil’s been busy lately, as, in addition to a new ShadowNet episode, he also joins the Retromancer crew for more Worlds discussion!
  • Had enough of Worlds? The M├ętropole Grid explains the new Random Access Memories format, and tries deckbuilding for it live within the 2-hour time limit in preparation for Saturday’s tournament!
  • A reminder that Saturday’s RAM tournament will be free to enter and is reliably predicted to be absurd amounts of fun! The legal card pool for the tournament will be randomly generated by Lostgeek at 4pm UTC. This will be livestreamed on the NISEI Twitch channel. There will then be a 2-hour break while anyone who wants to enter builds their decks, and the tournament will begin at 6pm UTC and will also be streamed by Justin “Cephalopod Wizard” Prentice. The card pool generated tomorrow will remain legal for the Random Access Memories format until the next RAM tournament, in two weeks’ time! Lostgeek has coded a legality checker for the format, and a number of resources to make deckbuilding under time pressure easier have been developed by the community on the Stimhack Slack in the #random-access-memories channel, including this exhaustive spreadsheet by Mark Greenhalgh.
  • DanB and June Cuervo represented NISEI at PAX Unplugged last weekend, meeting members of the community and demoing Netrunner to new players. There’ll be a more detailed account of their adventures in the future, but, in the meantime, click below for a couple of photos from the event!