Announcing Salvaged Memories

“They were never going to pay,” she muttered into the dark room, flicking VR screens and readouts from her vision with quick, precise gestures.

“Didn’t expect them to,” came the reply from the surrounding void. Just the hint of a Bo-wash accent. A formless smirk didn’t need to be seen to be heard. “Something this big doesn’t just sit in a vault gathering dust. Someone is always planning what it could be used for later.”

“True. The Big Four conspiring on something like this? Trying to infiltrate OPTICON? That’s going to be worth more than K&M’s entire holdings. Makes sense they’d rather clean up than pay up.” More flicks, more screens.

“Exactly. So keep your head down.” Some concern was creeping into that devil-may-care attitude of his.

“Don’t worry ‘bout me. I’m in the wind. File’s already sent to Lat’s dead drop. The world’s gotta know what these suits are up to.” A flourish of the wrist and the screens blinked off. “Besides, it was fun. Thanks for the tip.”

“Yeah yeah, you were smooth. Now get going. Wouldn’t want to see you get Whizzed.”

“Too soon man, too soon.” The door to the room shut with a click and a hiss. She slipped out into the night.

Laury Plant/CaKnuckleguy

Though none of us here at NISEI looked forward to announcing the delay of System Gateway to Q1 2021, the understanding and concern for our well-being with which it was met by the community made us all feel incredibly grateful. We’re still putting the final touches on both sets, and we look forward to them coming out and enabling an influx of new players!

However, we are also concerned about existing players. We realise the disappointment the delay has caused. We know that such a long time without new cards has dampened many people’s excitement about the game, and we are not willing to let this situation stand. We are therefore pleased to announce Salvaged Memories

Salvaged Memories is a digital-only pack of eighteen rotated cards (two from each faction, plus two Corp and two Runner neutrals), which will be reintroduced into the Standard card pool. These will become tournament-legal in the Standard format on Friday, 18 December 2020. They will remain in the Standard card pool until the release of System Gateway and System Update 2021 in Q1 2021, at which point they will rotate out. 

To ease any potential confusion, they will be added to NetrunnerDB and the deck builder as a “set”, which will allow the developers of those sites to rotate them in and out of Standard with ease. They will also be added to the Supported Formats section of our website.

Without further ado, the list of cards is below:

These cards have been selected following several weeks of intensive testing – hats off to our playtesters for stepping up to the mark at such short notice. We are confident that these classic, much-loved cards will shake up the meta and reinvigorate everyone’s interest in the game during this brief interlude, while our production teams are busy putting the final touches on System Gateway!