2022 Continental and National Championships

Here’s an update from the Organized Play team on the 2022 season’s Continental and National Championships!

2022 Continental Championships 

The dates for the Continental Championship have been set. Although there will be another article with more details on Continental Championships (including the prizes), we have decided to announce the dates now in order to help both players and Tournament Organizers plan their own events around them. One important detail we wish to reiterate: this year, Continental Championships will take place online, on jinteki.net.

Sadly, by the time we were confident enough to know we can schedule large in-person events, it was simply too late to organize in-person Continentals. We know many of you will be disappointed by this, as these events are one of the highlights of the Organized Play season for many people, particularly those unable to attend the 2022 World Championship. The Intercontinental Championship, on the other hand, will always take place online, due to its nature as an invitational event based on Continental Championships placement.

The dates for each event are as follows:

  • Asia-Pacific Continental Championship (APAC) 20th August
  • American Continental Championship (ACC) 27th August
  • Europe and Africa Continental Championship (EACC) 3rd September
  • Intercontinental Championship 10th September.

Exact times for each event will be announced in a forthcoming article, but the start time will be appropriate to the time zone of the region each event represents.

2022 National Championships 

We had a great response to our call for National Championship applications, and are currently doing the final checks on the kits before sending them out to Tournament Organizers. We wanted to publicly thank everyone who applied! National Championships are one of the season’s biggest events, and they simply couldn’t happen without the work your Tournament Organizers put in.

Below, please find a list of all National Championship applications that have been accepted and confirmed, along with links to the event on alwaysberunning.net (if one has been created), and the contact details of the Organizer (if available). If you are the organizer, please email us with any updates!

Country and ABR linkEmailDiscordSlack
Australialukevanryn [at] gmail.comlukevanryn#0501
Belgiummaelbrunet [AT] gmail.comMaëlig#6207 Maëlig
Czechiatomesm [at] centrum.czKrasty#0733Krasty
Finland / Estonia
Germanygrakhirt [AT] winstel.netGrakhirt[33]#5273Grakhirt
Icelandthossi94 [at] gmail.com
ItalyEnrico.reb89 [AT] gmail.com
Irelandprushguitar [AT] gmail.comanarchomushroom#4088anarchomushroom
Netherlandsddevries82 [at] hotmail.comMenghini#3390Menghini
PolandKubaeichler [AT] gmail.com
SingaporeDerekyang8 [AT] gmail.com
Spainpspacekitten [AT] gmail.compspacekitten#3832pspacekitten
SwedenHnautsch [AT] gmail.comhnautsch#2557hnautsch
United Kingdompauly [AT] me.compaulyg#9608paulyg
United States of America Anroffthegrid [AT] gmail.comOrbital Tangent#8386Orbital Tangent

Please keep checking Always Be Running and this page as more details are added.

Season Tracker

To help both players and Organizers keep track of what types of tournaments are happening at any given point in the calendar, we created the 2022 Competitive Season Status Page. There, you can find information on what types of tournaments are running now, what the permitted period to organize certain events is, which tournaments are in the application stage and when the application period is, and other useful information. Please keep checking back, as it will continue to be updated as we solidify more of the Competitive Season schedule!

Safety First, friends, and Always Be Running.


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