Null Signal購買指南

You can buy Null Signal cards from both our print-on-demand partners, MakePlayingCards and DriveThruCards, with two different card stocks available from MakePlayingCards. Each option provides different benefits in terms of card quality and shipping cost. As of December, 2022, you can also buy our cards from our own online store. This is currently available only in the United States and Australia, with more countries to be added gradually, and we are currently only stocking Midnight Sun and Parhelion, but more sets will be added very soon.

另外,我們也有與國際上一些印刷廠商合作,來支援我們的授權經銷,為地方性玩家社群提供經濟實惠的產品。 經銷有些是桌遊店,也有社群中的個別玩家在經營。 不管方法如何,都是經過審查,並且信譽良好的長期社群成員:有在名單上的成員,可以放心購買。 紙質取決於合作的印刷廠,我們有與每間印刷廠協力確保品質符合我們的標準,可以預期紙質至少跟MakePlayingCards標準牌質一樣好。

最後是開放玩家隨意贊助的自行列印PDF檔案,自行在家列印。 用這個檔案列印的牌可以在所有矩陣潛襲的比賽與活動中使用,只要裁切得宜,並且與背牌一起用不透明牌套套上。

以下為不同印刷選項的比較,包含我們取得樣品時注意到的事。 價格不包含運費。 以下數據是根據2019年12月發行的重生擴充為基準,該擴充有3×65張牌(共195張)。 不同產品價格可能有所出入。

Null Signal Games商城

  • 價格為每組$45美金,免運費。
  • Initially only shipping to addresses within the United States
  • Initially only Parhelion will be available, with more sets to be added very soon
  • 以營收來說,是支持Null Signal Games最棒的方法。
  • 牌質與FFG類似,附紙盒。
  • 完整資訊請查看這邊


  • 價格為每組$45美金。
  • 牌質與FFG類似。
  • 只有英文版。
  • 提供快遞選項。
  • 運到美國境外非常貴。


  • 價格為每組$50美金起。
  • 提供國際運送。
  • 包含已支援的所有語言。
  • 提供快遞選項。
  • 大量訂購有團購優惠,六組以上的單位價格會下降,訂購三十組以上會下降非常多。
  • 紙質比FFG稍微薄一點,上牌套後感覺不出來。
  • 邊角比FFG圓一點。
  • 有優惠代碼($35以上折$5的代碼「thankyou5c」,$500以上折$15的代碼「15dpurchase」)


  • 價格為每組$60美金起。
  • 提供國際運送。
  • 包含已支援的所有語言。
  • 提供快遞選項。
  • 大量訂購有團購優惠,六組以上的單位價格會下降,訂購三十組以上會下降非常多。
  • 紙質比FFG稍微厚一點,上牌套後感覺不出來(與很多玩家自製的異畫牌相似)。
  • 邊角比FFG圓一點。
  • 有優惠代碼($35以上折$5的代碼「thankyou5c」,$500以上折$15的代碼「15dpurchase」)


  • For cheaper shipping in the UK and most of Europe, visit
  • For cheaper shipping in Germany and most of Europe, visit
  • For cheaper shipping in Sweden and parts of northern Europe visit
  • For cheaper shipping in Australia and certain Asia-Pacific countries, visit (note: this storefront will be gradually moving all of its products to the Null Signal Games storefront)
  • For cheaper shipping and no import duties in Brazil, visit (Brazilian Portuguese cards only)
  • For Europe-wide bulk orders of each new set organized by the Spanish community, visit (bulk orders normally only have an ordering window of a few days following the release of each new set, and are not available year-round or for our older products).
  • Other trusted community members also organize bulk buys for their local players. Get in touch with your local community to learn whether a bulk-buy is being organized whenever a new product’s release is imminent, or ask in online Netrunner communities such as Green Level Clearance (navigate to the “Group Buys” section under “Utilities”), Facebook, Reddit, and the Stimhack Slack. The order window for these is usually active in the first few days following the release of a new set, but some are happy to accept orders for older sets as well, and a few (such as Reddit user Myldside) order excess stock and might have cards available at other times.
  • 牌質與包裝取決於合作的印刷廠,但至少與MakePlayingCards標準牌質同等級。
  • 有時候經銷可能提供其他Null Signal Games的產品(像是遊戲之夜獎品組),或是玩家社群製的異畫牌或指示物可以與矩陣潛襲一起遊玩。
  • 須注意的是,不像隨需印刷廠,經銷商有庫存耗盡的可能,可能會需要等待他們再次進貨。 請在他們商城確認過庫存後再購買。
  • 由於有些經銷會專注服務所在地的社群,請查看產品敘述來確認該頁面是你需要的語言版本,如果沒清楚描述請聯繫經銷商。


  • 隨意贊助(包含免費!)
  • 直接從nullsignal.games下載。
  • 包含已支援的所有語言。
  • 每頁列印9張牌,包含22頁(每種3張牌)與8頁(每種1張)版本。
  • 邊角為直角,沒有列印出血。
  • 簡單的列印並裁剪。